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Older wife wants discreet fun with younger men

If you live in Birmingham and would like to meet Older wife’s for discreet fun then take a look through our site, we have thousands of sex mad older wives who love to cheat on their husbands and have illicit affair’s with younger men, I am an Older wife who wants discreet fun who would love to meet you younger men for no strings sex, I am a bored and lonely wife who never gets any love from her pig of a husband, I love sex so much and really missed the feeling of a mans naked body next to mine so I decided to meet men for discreet fun online, My friend helped me set up this free account and also is a member on Birmingham Cougars, we have a right laugh and confide in one another, I was online the other day chatting to this fit younger man, we where getting on very well and then he asked me if I had ever been in a threesome? To which I said no, would you be up for it he replied, I had to thing on this for a moment but then though you know it might be fun so I said maybe, it all depended on who was involved, then he said do you have a friend who would join us for a night of fun, I straight away thought of Jane my best friend I told hinm I did but said I would have to ask her if she would be up for a threesome.

I sent her a text asking her to come round, she only lived a few doors up the street, a few minutes later I herd my back door go and she walked in I sat her down in front of the PC and asked her if she fancied the young man on the screen she took a long look and turned to me and said oh yeah I told her what he had proposed, she looked at me and said how do you feel about sharing him with me, I said fine, if your up for it I am too, it might be lots of fun, to cut a very long story short we arranged to meet up later that week at his place I was so excited and I could tell Jane was too, this Older wife wants discreet fun and boy did she get it that night. Jack pounded both of us till our pussies where to sensitive to touch, it was the best night of sex we had ever had and being with another women was such a turn on. If you fancy meeting an Older wife who wants discreet fun then do as I did and sign up for free now you could be looking through hot sex ads of younger guy’s and sexy cougars in minutes.

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Brenda, 53 from Kingstanding, Birmingham

Iím a busty redhead with curves looking for a younger playmate.
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